Three Top Dog Friendly Parks In Dallas, Texas

Three Top Dog Friendly Parks In Dallas, Texas

Decades ago, most dogs in nearly every city ran loose most of the day but since then regulations have been implemented and people care more for their pets so they keep them inside. That’s not the best situation for most dogs, they really need to get out and run, play, and explore several times a week to be happy. Lately, though, lots of cities like Dallas, Texas have been making designated dog parks where dogs can roam free within the boundary of the park. Lots of the parks have special amenities that are helpful in cleaning up after your pet plus special areas for special events as well. Here are some tips on using a dog park and a few summaries on the top dog parks in Dallas, Texas.

Of Course, With the Freedom Comes Some Rules

In order for the dog park idea to work for the most people possible there have to be some rules that, if everybody follows them, the whole system runs smoothly. Dog parks everywhere have certain rules to help every dog owner and their dog coexist peacefully together in the same parks.

All dogs must have up to date vaccinations and licenses as well. This is to protect all dogs, even those that are too young to get their first vaccination or pregnant females too. Dogs should all be healthy with no parasites, skin diseases, or other problems when you take them to the park. Some parks have personnel that periodically check documents so bring them with you.

You are responsible for cleaning up all of your dog’s waste completely. Many good dog parks will supply plastic bags and special bins for the waste. There is a special belt clip waste holder available at your local pet store and they’re very handy for going on dog walks anywhere. Many dog parks have on leash areas and off-leash areas, you should adhere to the rules that are posted, they are usually there for a reason that might not be obvious.

White Rock Lake Dog Park

This is a great park that really has something for everybody, not just dogs, and their owners. There are biking and hiking trails all around the lake that are dog-friendly, meaning they should be on a leash but are permitted. The many trails around the lake are paved and wide enough for bicycles, joggers, and dogs to all pass easily.

In addition to the dog-friendly areas, there is also a designated separate area where dogs are allowed to roam free. It’s a nice space, very roomy, so dogs can get a good workout playing Frisbee or just running around. Then there is a dog swimming park too, that is perfectly made for dogs to swim and play where they won’t bother any people with their antics. This park has several different playgrounds for kids plus there are paddle boats, kayaks, and paddle boards for rent for the entire family. Most reviewers online gave four or more stars to this park for lots of different reasons.

Deep Ellum Dog Park Gets Great Reviews Online

This is sometimes called Bark Park Central and is located underneath part of the US 75 Freeway where it intersects with the Good-Latimer Expressway. It tends to cater to a younger crowd of dog owners but all are certainly welcome. The city of Dallas has been renovating the park recently and it’s now cleaner and nicer than before. They have done some nice artwork on the concrete bridge bases that have really lit the area up.

The park features over an acre of open running space that has cute dog and human water fountains for drinking. All of the benches are in the shape of large dog bones and the entire place is well fenced. Plus, there is dog washing area provided as well. It’s well maintained and the only downside mentioned in the reviews was the constant noise of cars and trucks, but the dogs don’t mind and it’s a good use of that particular space.

Meadows Lake Dog Park

This one is located in East Dallas and tends to attract a regular crowd of people and their dogs that go nearly every day of the week at certain times. There is a lot of socializing for both the dogs and humans alike. This park isn’t maintained by the city of Dallas so its fence can be a little run down in places. It’s a good idea to keep good track of your dog but most seem to be happier inside the park anyway.

The park lacks benches or places to sit, however, the crowd that goes there regularly don’t seem to mind standing as you’ll see people chatting all over the park while their dogs play. There are very few faucets to get water so it’s a good idea to bring your own, one for you and one for your dog. While you might think that the negatives outweigh the positive at this park, it has developed into a small neighborhood of friendly people and their dogs so it’s hard to find bad reviews, just people making note of the things to be aware of when you go.

If you have a dog and would like to take it to one of the many parks in Dallas that allow dogs, there is a list online. There are hundreds of places to go and many people try out several before they find one that fits their dog and themselves. There are plenty of detailed reviews left by other dog owners online that can help you decide on which parks you’d like to try first.

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Top Dog Friendly Parks in Dallas

8 Things You Should Know About Dallas Texas

8 Things You Should Know About Dallas Texas

Dallas is the 18th largest city in the U.S. and it has a lot to offer visitors and residents alike. It’s a place where manners are considered neighborly and a place where you’ll still commonly find people using ma’am and sir and greeting you with ‘howdy’ as you walk by. Here we’ll take a look at 8 things you should know about Dallas Texas.

1. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

Whether you’re into football or not and regardless of what you might think of the football team in Dallas, everyone knows the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. They are considered to be the best cheer leading team in the NFL. These ladies are not only talented and attractive but they work hard and they participate in a lot of activities to help the community.

They are not paid as much as you might think and yet they have to work extremely hard in practices to be prepared on game day. In addition to that, they do a lot of activities that help such as teach children and participate in non-profit events designed for the good of the community. Those that are fortunate enough to be selected for the team are required to choose a particular look that they’re willing to maintain for the entire season. This means that if they wear a certain hairstyle or other features they are required to maintain that for the season.

2. Billionaire Magnet

There are a little over 500 billionaires in the US. Of those, 18 live in Dallas alone. This makes Dallas one of the biggest concentrations of billionaires in the country. The only city in America that has more billionaires is New York City. Dallas attracts these wealthy individuals because of its diversity and the fact that it truly is a city for everyone.

3. It Has Some Of The Best Secondary Institutions In The Country

Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas has had two Heisman Trophy winners to graduate their school. It has a Pulitzer Prize winner for writing and it has musical extraordinaire’s such as ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill and Steve Miller of the Steve Miller Band. This again is in large part because of the diversity of arts and other features that can be found throughout the city.

4. Skyscrapers

Texas as a whole is known for the slogan: “Everything’s Bigger Down Here”. Dallas epitomizes this with over 220 skyscrapers throughout the city. It was also the first city to build a skyscraper in the West in the early 1900s. The tallest building in Dallas is over 900 ft. With these tall buildings, came elevators, and Dallas is home to the first building to use elevator music.

5. Highly Diverse

America is known as the ‘Melting Pot’ and Dallas lives up to that with a highly diverse community. This city has the largest amount of Jewish residents in the entire state and one-fourth of its entire population is African-American. As would be expected, the Mexican-American population here is a mainstay and represents over 40% of the City’s population. As well as having a wide range of different cultures and races of people it is equally a melting pot of religious beliefs.

For those who enjoy diversity and all that goes with it, will likely fall in love with Dallas. All the different cultures and races and religions are able in most cases to live together and enjoy the diversity that it brings. For those that have children, it exposes them to all the different people and culture and food along with arts and crafts and sports which makes it a city beloved by its residents.

6. Dallas Cuisine Is Much More Than Tex-Mex

This city actually has more restaurants per capita than the city of New York. The cuisine here is completely international with every type you can imagine. From the best Thai food you can find anywhere, to Korean, Seafood, and the best French cooking in the US. If you’re into BBQ or Italian food then you’ll find a restaurant that you love in the city. Despite the fact that Dallas is the only city in the US that is as big and successful as it is without having any direct access to the coast or to major rivers, it still has some of the best seafood you can find in the state.

7. The Largest Parking Lot In The World

It’s unlikely that any City including Dallas would ever set out to have the largest parking lot in the world but it happened none the less in Dallas. The DFW Airport covers of a mass of land larger than Manhattan Island and on that land mass is the largest parking lot in the world. Anyone who travels by air frequently is highly likely to have had a stopover at DFW at one point or another. It’s just another feature that goes along with the state motto that everything’s bigger down here.

8. Business Magnet

Dallas is a city that attracts big business. 7/11 which has more stores than McDonald’s worldwide has its headquarters in Dallas. In addition to it is JCPennys, Dr Pepper, Frito-Lay, and even Rolex. This city also attracts technology companies and it is where the first computer chip was made.

Dallas, Texas is a sprawling city with lots of traffic. Fortunately, it has trains, buses, and transportation companies like Uber and GetMe. This makes getting around easy. Come on down and stay awhile.

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Things You Should Know About Dallas

Great Beer, BBQ, Or Bloody Mary Festivals In Dallas, Texas You’ll Enjoy

Great Beer, BBQ, Or Bloody Mary Festivals In Dallas, Texas You’ll Enjoy

One of the great things about Dallas, Texas is that is has dozens of different entertainment districts and neighborhoods having different celebrations throughout the year. Sometimes you can even visit two different events in once weekend and there is usually something going on during the week as well. There are outdoor concerts, brew-fests, races, walkathons, bike rides, football games, basketball games, and every other kind of fun you can imagine. Let’s take a look at the various beer and drink festivals that hit the city throughout the year.

Dallas Brewhaha: A Day of Beer Magic

This is one of the newest and largest craft brewery festivals in Dallas. It kicks off at the Four Corners Brewery Company usually each year on or near Memorial Day weekend. If you are a member of the Texas Homebrew Society you get in for free and it’s worth every penny. Of course, the festival is for those 21 and older only. There is a comedy show included and with your admission, you get three pints of beer and a collectible beer mug.

Each different location will have different brews on tap, each with its own special hops, malts, and other flavors added. The beer is strong so it’s always best to take public transportation or have a designated driver along for the ride. Since it’s in downtown, there is usually public transportation available for a good price compared to parking. Since is also dog-friendly, you can bring your well behaved leashed dog with you, and many people do.

There was a BBQ truck outside with fantastic tasting Texas-style ribs and chicken, many of the reviews online raved about the BBQ. The beers were also rated online and most people had great things to say about the craft beers available. The most popular from Oak Highlands Brewery seemed to be the Golden Mustache as that beer was mentioned in nearly every review. For information, it’s best to check online with “Brewhaha” and the year to get the latest dates and times.

The Bloody Mary Festival

This is an entire festival dedicated to the Bloody Mary cocktail exclusively. It includes ten different Dallas, Texas restaurants that will make you what they believe is the best Bloody Mary in all of Texas. There are plenty of tastings and at the end of the event, a special panel gets to vote on a winner. The judges include real drinkers as well as professional mixologists so there is some audience participation involved.

There is always plenty of live music which changes each year so you should check online for the “Bloody Mary Festival of Dallas 20XX” to get the latest information available for times and dates. When you purchase a VIP ticket it will include food and drinks or otherwise, you can also purchase them separately as well. Remember though, none of these Bloody Mary’s will have plain tomato juice or canned horseradish as part of their ingredient list, they’ll all be naturally made from fresh ingredients that may well surprise you and your palate.

The Blues, Bandits, and BBQ is Not To Be Missed

Texas is well known for its great BBQ ribs, chicken, sausages and just about anything else. With this particular BBQ festival, there are usually at least 30 different teams competing for the title of best BBQ in Texas. The festival lasts two days and takes place at the Kidd Springs Park in mid-November.

There are live blues bands all day and all night along with many different kinds of great foods and drinks. The BBQs from the competition are also available on a sample basis so you can judge for yourself who the winner should be. Everyone with a paid wristband gets to vote on the winner so it’s important to do your due diligence and sample every one of the 30 different contestants. The wristbands are available for purchase online and there is a limited number so you need to make sure you buy early if you want to vote for the winner. Kids and dogs are allowed at the festival so be ready to have a good time and enjoy a great fall day at the park.

The BIG Texas Beer Fest In Dallas

This usually takes place on the last weekend of March to kick off the sunny weather. This is the largest of all beer fests in Dallas and claims to have been the very first as well. There are almost always over 100 different breweries represented and about 500 different beers to sample. Some of the beers are only made just for this festival and are considered rare so if there is one you have your heart set on, get there early on the first day.

The beer list will be ready online about one week before the festival which can help you plan your itinerary for the day. Live music plays on stage every two hours or so, depending on how long each band takes to set up and tear down their equipment. Tickets are available online and always sell out so you shouldn’t wait until the last minute or just show up because you’ll miss out.

If craft beer, great BBQ, or Bloody Mary’s with special ingredients are your thing, you can’t go wrong living or visiting Dallas, Texas. There are fun events happening every weekend in several parts of town and on weeknights as well. Run a search for Dallas events online to get several lists that will keep you busy all year ‘round.

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Great Beer, BBQ, and Bloody Mary’s in Dallas

Dallas, Texas, A Friendly City For Bicycle Riders Of All Ages

Dallas, Texas, A Friendly City For Bicycle Riders Of All Ages

The Dallas-Fort Worth Texas area is a great place to raise a family and work, especially if you like to do things outdoors. Since the weather is fairly nice year round, there are very few months that you can’t go outside for sporting events, concerts, picnics, camping, or fishing, depending on what you like to do. Plus, since the Dallas, Texas area has a huge number of green spaces spread throughout the city there are thousands of other people out walking around, chatting, and enjoying life every single day. One of the best ways to really get the full effect of the city is to arrange many of your excursions around bike rides, hikes, and bus trips to avoid traffic and see the people in a better perspective. You’ll be surprised at how much friendlier people seem when you’re walking or riding a bike compared to driving by at 60 mph. Here are some of the best bike riding day trips you can take, either by yourself or with friends, in Dallas, Texas.

The White Rock Creek Trail Is Family Friendly

You can drive to this park if you live far away, but it’s located just north of downtown and easy to get to with plenty of car parking in several different places. Nearly all of the trail is paved, which is nice since you can use it right after a rain without having mud problems. The trail is wide enough for two lanes passing so that pedestrians, runners and bikes can all share without any problems. The trail passes underneath Highway 75 safely so that you don’t need to worry about your kids being hit by cars.

Then it winds past the Royal Oaks Golf course which is very beautiful in its own right with all of the carefully groomed grass and sand pits. The trail runs along the path of a small creek and there are many places where you can stop and explore more if you feel the need or your kids are aching to see some wildlife. While there are runners, walkers, inline skaters and bikes all sharing the trail there isn’t usually too many to feel crowded.

There is a nice bar/restaurant on the path that has excellent food and drinks, including craft beers, and it’s a popular stopping point for many bikers. It’s right near the White Rock Lake and shares its name as well. The trail and parks along the way are well maintained but you should bring our own water bottle as there are limited places along the way to get fresh water. In the reviews online, people remarked that the marking signs are kept up and easy to read as well.

The Trinity Skyline Trail Has Great Scenery

If wild flowers and river scenes are what you like then the Trinity Skyline trail is for you. It’s right in the city but you’ll be surprised how secluded and serene everything is along the trail. Half way through there is even a bicycle flat tire repair place for those that need it. Underneath one of the bridges that the trail crosses under there is a graffiti artist display where the city actually encourages people to paint their trade and not be bothered. There are plenty of walkers, runners, bikers, and inline skaters all along the path but never too many to pass comfortably.

Every so many blocks there will be another park, playground, or tables and benches where people will stop and have picnics or play with their kids. Plus, there is the Trinity Groves Restaurant so you can reward your long workout with a good meal at the end. While the entire path isn’t paved, a lot of it is and the gravel helps keep it from turning muddy even in the rainy parts of the season.

This park has big plans in its future since the city plans on connecting it to several other bike paths so people can traverse much of the city without being on the main roads with the cars. This is still under consideration, but has a good chance of passing, at least one stretch at a time.

The Santa Fe Trail Is Connected To The White Rock Creek Trail

This great trail has nice wide paths and very few users most of the time. That makes it nice for those that want to get away from it all, right in the middle of the city. It also connects up to the White Rock Creek Trail and that one gets a lot more traffic. It’s a very clean run that has been well maintained and the people that do use it are quite friendly.

One benefit that a lot of reviewers have noted is that this trail has a lot of shade from overhanging trees making it a great ride during the hot summer months. While this trail is not really finished with all of its future connections you’ll be happy with the parts that are there and the nice cool forests that it passes through. There are places where you can get off the trail and get into the neighborhoods to get coffee, doughnuts and other snacks along the way.

Whether you’re new to the Dallas, Texas area or are just now starting to explore it, there are plenty of places online to get started. If biking is your thing, there a online groups that meet in various locations and make trips to different destinations each week. They are a great way to meet people that like to do the same things that you do and explore other ideas that are similar as well.

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Some Things to See in Dallas, Texas

Some Things to See in Dallas, Texas

One of the most popular and most well-known cities in Texas, in the United States and the world, is Dallas. It has a population of over 1,300,000, and it ranks third in population in Texas after the cities of Houston and San Antonio. The history of Dallas is remarkable for its relation to oil, cotton and the railroad. The current mayor of Dallas is Michael S. Rawlings​​​​, and the current governor of Dallas is Greg Abbott.

When it comes to tourism, Dallas is a favorite place to visit. Here are some of the things you can do when you come to Dallas:

1. Ride a Bike on the Santa Fe Trail

For the adventurous, there’s nothing quite like riding a bike on the Santa Fe Trail. The activity can be down year round, with road riding, off-road riding and trail riding.

2. Visit the Sandy Lake Amusement Park

This is Dallas’ most popular amusement park for families. You can get in for under $3.00, with extra charges for other attractions, such as miniature golf and swimming in the swimming pool. You’ll find plenty of thrill rides such as the Space Shuttle, Paratrooper, Tilt-A-Whirl, and more. It’s the perfect place to take the kids.

3. Visit the Dallas Zoo

Everyone loves a zoo, and the Dallas Zoo, which was launched in 1888, has grown to be one of the most popular. The zoo is home to more than 2,000 animals. The zoo is open daily but closed for Christmas.

4. Go to See a Texas Rangers Game

Baseball lovers, especially, won’t want to come to Dallas and miss the Texas Rangers, Dallas’ baseball team. Catch them play at Globe Life Park at 1000 Ballpark Way in Arlington, close to Dallas.

5. Go to See a Dallas Cowboys Game

Arguably perhaps more popular than the Texas Rangers is the Dallas Cowboys football team. The Cowboys play at At&T Stadium located in Arlington, close to Dallas, at 1 AT&T Way.

6. See a Show at the Granada Theater

The Granada Theater in Dallas is known to every resident there. Since 1946, it’s the place to watch quality entertainment. Such stars as Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and Adele have been onstage at the Granada.

7. Attend Shakespeare in the Park

Do you have a taste for something classic? That’s where Shakespeare in the Park comes into play. Sit outside and enjoy Dallas’ great weather and experience Shakespeare in a casual park setting by Shakespeare Dallas. You can watch it at the Samuell Grand Park or Addison Circle Park.

8. Visit Cottonwood Park

Cottonwood Park is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. There are plenty of benches to sit, drinking fountains, grills, picnic tables, and also a playground, a soccer field, a basketball court and walking trails.

9. Visit the Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art was founded in 1903 and today is one of the largest art museums in the United States. The museum contains over 24,000 works spanning 5,000 years of history. You’ll find many examples of art including famous paintings by
John Steuart Curry, Edward Hopper, Grandma Moses, Andrew Wyeth and much more.

10. Go to Heritage Village

Every city should have a historical place and if you want to learn about the history of Dallas, what better way to do it than to visit Dallas Heritage Village. This is where Dallas’ history is preserved and collected and where knowledgeable people can tell you about the history of Dallas and artifacts related to the past. The Dallas Heritage Village is suitable for both adults and children.

11. Have Fun at Dallas Comedy House

If you love comedy, you’ll love Dallas Comedy House. It’s not only a place where you can see premier comedy, but it’s also a place where the future’s comedians are trained. Therefore, the shows that the venue offers are not only entertaining, but they’re even affordable.

12. Go to the State Fair

The State Fair of Texas happens during September and October. So if you’re in Dallas during this time, you won’t want to miss it. State fairs are a great way to celebrate all things about the area and in this case all things Texas. Launched in 1886, it is one of the longest-running state fairs (a total of 24 straight days) in the United States. This is an annual celebration that every person visiting Texas should experience.

13. See the Dallas Arboretum

If you love the outdoors and looking at flowers and plants, then you don’t want to miss the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, one of the tops in the world. An arboretum is there to encourage an appreciation of horticulture, and visiting the Dallas Arboretum is a great way to do that as well as educating yourself on flowers and plants in a unique setting. It’s also a place where a couple can get married.

14. Shop at Lula B’s

Antique shopping doesn’t get more fun than at Lula B’s, Dallas’ premier antique mall. They have two locations both in the Design District and at Oak Cliff.

These are just some of the things you can do in Dallas. Be sure to acquire early for hotel reservations in one of the many Dallas accommodations. Also, map out what you’d like to do for each day of your Dallas trip. You probably won’t be able to see everything, but it’s always smart to get a head-start on planning.

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Some Things To See in Dallas


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