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Garage Door Rollers Installation

What to do if rollers fall out of garage doors? If this has been a worrisome question for you for some time now, we have a solution to it. The process of installing a broken garage door roller or bent garage door roller is a complicated task and requires training. We are certified and well-trained to fix such problem at a fast pace. We come with the latest tools and equipment that saves time and make this complex work safer and easier. Our experienced technicians quickly detect the problem and repair and re-install new rollers as per your requirement, that too, at competitive prices. Whatever is the nature and scope of the problem, whether it is with the nylon garage door rollers or garage door roller brackets, we have a wholesome garage door hinge roller tune up kit to fix the issues.

Garage Door Rollers Replacement

We recommend you replace your garage door rollers every 5 years for the best results. We use commercial grade nylon rollers. New garage door rollers can reduce noise. Rollers and hinges should be lubricated by garage door spray on an annual basis.

We like to remind our customers that the entire weight of the door is applied to the rollers and hinges when in the horizontal position. Much like your vehicles tires, garage door rollers wear down and get weak over time. Our rollers have ball bearings in them for smooth long lasting durability.

Garage Door Rollers Repair

Most of the times, the signs are obvious. Your garage door is squeaking, stalling, or refusing to move. These are usually signs that you have bad garage door rollers. Since rollers must roll easily on the garage door track, if they become rusty or damaged, then the operating efficiency of your garage door mechanism is compromised.

You may be able to lubricate the rollers to correct the problem. This is useful if you have undamaged rollers or rollers that are bit rusty. However, no amount grease can help a broken roller. That's when you need to call us for garage door rollers repair.

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Garage Door Rollers

Alpha Gate & Gate Door Co.Emergencies Must Be Handled Immediately. If Your Garage Door Roller Problem Puts You in a Pinch, Call Us Now. Alpha Gate & Door Co. Prides Itself in its Customer Service. Our Team is Available to Help You With Your Garage Door Roller in Time of Need 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week. Call Us, And We Will Be There to Help in No Time At All. You Can Trust Us to Get the Job Done Right, And Right Away. After All, Our Motto Is “Quality That Leads The Pack”.

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